New Adventures: The Best New Recipes I Tried in July

Boiled Zucchini Salad with Tuna

boiled zucchini and tuna

I confess: when my mother-in-law told me about this recipe, I didn’t really know what all the fuss was about.  But a couple weeks ago, Brian and I gave it a try and it was awesome.  In some ways, it’s not the more earthshattering idea ever; it doesn’t even look like much.  On the other hand, it’s incredibly simple and with very little effort you can have a delicious meal that makes use of the abundance of zucchini available this time of year.  It’s also a recipe that is very variation-friendly.  We didn’t have capers on hand, so the first time we made this recipe Brian substituted diced spicy pickles.  It was great.  The second time around (looks like this recipe is going to become a staple), we used diced pickled okra, which was also pretty great.  Also, tuna in water is pretty darn good if you don’t have tuna canned in water.

Get the recipe: Boiled Zucchini Salad with Tuna from Lidia Bastianich

Tomato Pesto Frittata

I made a bunch of alterations to this recipe based on what I had, but this recipe encouraged me to do a couple things I’d never tried before, despite the fact that I make frittatas all the time.  The first new addition was pesto.  I used some of my frozen spring greens pesto, instead of basil pesto, and it worked great.  I’ve also never added tomatoes to my frittata, but the topping the eggs with slices worked and tasted much better than I anticipated.  I’m looking forward to making this one again.

Get the recipe: Tomato Pesto Frittata from Martha Stewart

Summer Refresh

As is the case most summers, I’m giving the site a bit of a face lift.  I spent much of today refreshing various aspects of Relishments.  So, there’s not really a new post today, but I’d like to draw your attention to some of the changes around here.

relishments screen shot 7.29.15

1)  I updated the content of the sidebar by removing some ads and buttons, redesigning my topic buttons and moving the social buttons to the header area.

First time

2)  I created a Start Here page for new visitors.  This page is linked by a new button in the sidebar.

technology tools screen shot

3)  I finally completed the My Favorite Technology Tools page.  This page shares my favorite digital tools from task management to site hosting. 

As always, I would love to hear any of your thoughts on the new pages…or the old ones!  I’ll be continuing to refresh my site as much as possible over the next month because, goodness knows, I won’t have much time to do so once school starts again.  Thanks for your continued support of the Relishments!

Hello, Tomato! (CSA MENU PLAN #32)

Once again this week, my husband saved the day by driving to Pownal to pick up our CSA share.  I was super busy on both Friday and Saturday and it was such a relief to have something taken off my plate.  I sent him my requests via email when I forwarded the CSA newsletter: “For sure: lettuce (of some sort), cucumbers, zucchini (I can make bread, depending on how much you get), onions if they have “regular” ones, garlic (we have almost none), and all the tomatoes.”  Here’s what I ended up with:

The Pick Up:

CSA pick up 7.24.15

The Plan:

I’m pretty excited that I’m going to be home all week this week.  Here’s what I’m planning:

tacos (tomatoes, lettuce + spicy black beans and cheese) + kale chips (with last week’s kale) leftover tacos + sliced cucumbers our favorite Quinoa and Black Bean veggie burgers (Food52) that we’d frozen + cole slaw (with last week’s cabbage) Lidia Bastianich’s Boiled Zucchini Salad with Tuna (this was so good last week) + toast or rice or some other carb sliced tomatoes with mozzarella and fresh basil + chickpea salad Tomato-Pesto Frittata (Martha Stewart) + tabbouleh Leftover frittata + tabbouleh

Also, zucchini bread!


Scenes From Blueberry Picking 2015

Today Brian and I headed to Mountain View Farm in Lanesborough for blueberry picking.  Mountain View Farm has been our go-to in the past (see this post from 2012), but we didn’t make it there last year.  Blueberry picking was high on my agenda for this summer and was thrilled that we were able to…

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Twosday XXVI: Summer Love (+ a coupon code)

My favorite things about summer break1. Waking up without an alarm clock.  2. The frequency of days when I don’t have to leave the house and can wear whatever I want, regardless of how much of a mess I appear to be. Things that are helping me feel much more relaxed this summer1. I’m done…

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Highlights: Popsicles and Ice Cream

It’s a beautiful day in the Berkshires; purportedly the hottest one so far this year.  As a result, there’s a severe thunderstorm warning in place and I’m thinking about ice cream.  Every year, I start the season talking about all the frozen desserts I’m going to make, but I’m never very good at making that…

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Getting Serious – About Summer (CSA Menu Plan #31)

Hello world!  Hope everyone’s past week was as good as mine.  I spent 5 days hanging out with my sister and her newborn baby.  I’ve never spent time with a two week old baby before, but we had a great time.  I’m already trying to determine when I can schedule a visit with my nephew…

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