Happy Birthday to Me!

According to my sister, I am now officially old.  Easy for her to say, she’s still a young and spry 21.  I, on the other hand, am officially a quarter-century old.  25.  How did that happen?!

Okay, enough whining.  I had a really awesome birthday.


Yesterday Brian took me to Harney and Sons for tea, lunch and shopping.  Even though it’s a couple hours away from where we’re living, it was totally worth the trip.  I love that place.  Lunch was, of course, delicious.  I ordered the Pan-seared Eggplant and Brian had the Turkish Kofte.  So good!

After lunch, we went to the Tea Bar and tasted some samples.  I’m still impressed by how much the staff there knows about tea.  I’m not sure my brain could hold that much information.  In the end, we bought Paris (which is one of my favorite teas ever) and Bangkok teas.

As I mentioned, my parents paid for me to buy the Relishments domain name and upgrade the blog.  I am so much happier with the new blog look, which definitely makes me want to write and cook more.  Such an awesome gift.  Thanks mom and dad!

My in-laws also got me an awesome present–a subscription to Food Network magazine!  I’m really excited for the issues to start appearing in my mailbox.  Hopefully it will provide my Food Network fix since we don’t currently have cable.

I expect the rest of my day to be pretty chill.  It’s cool and rainy here, so I plan to just hang out: finish planning meals for the week, continue updating the blog and maybe read a book and drink some tea (Harney and Sons’ Bankok?)



  1. says

    Happy Birthday! The new blog looks great!

    My wife loves Harney and Sons; it’s near where she grew up. I still haven’t been there, but I like their tea!

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