The Return of Highlights from My Reader

Three days ago I posted my New Years Resolutions.  One of them was to “Add new posts to Relishments at least twice a week.”  Well, here I am, posting.  Imagine that :)  Like I said, I really want to bring back “Highlights from my Reader” which used to be a weekly post featuring the most interesting articles that had come up in my Google Reader over the course of the previous week, until I got really busy and teaching took over my life and I all but stopped posting.  Anyway, the highlights are important to me because so many of my eating habits, recipe selections and food related news comes from my Reader (especially now that I don’t have TV!)

So, Highlights from my Reader is back: now on Saturdays.  Enjoy!

Highlights for December 27-January 3: New Years Resolution Edition

Planet Green’s Eat This, Not That in 2010 features’s 5 Foods You Should Avoid in 2010 along with helpful suggestions for making the changes in your diet even easier.  I already try to do most of the things on the list, but its nice to be reminded and given tips–and 5 is such a manageable number!

If you like that list and want avoid #5 “Out-of-season produce”, this graphic from Good which shows when various kinds of produce are in season might help you out.

If your goal is just to eat better, Huffington Post has a piece on the Top 10 Ingredients for a Healthy Life.

Finally, if all the resolution making (and keeping!) is stressing you out, Food Network Humor has a list of the 2010 New Years Resolutions of the Food Network Hosts

Special thanks to my husband for helping me with my other resolutions!  He’s been super good about reminding me to drink water and asking if I should be blogging…and if it ever stops snowing, we’ll head to the gym.


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