Highlights: Valentine’s Day

When I was in high school and college, I used to vehemently protest Valentine’s Day.  I’d wear all black and generally be obnoxious to those around me.  Things since then have changed (it helps to be happily married!) and though Brian and I are still having a really low key Valentine’s Day, I don’t hate it the way I used to.  This week’s links are, of course, Valentine’s Day themed.

Highlights for February 7-13: Valentine’s Day


Still shopping? Slashfood has a collection of Funky Valentine’s Day Gifts for Foodies.  I already have 3 aprons, but there’s some cute ones on there…

Everyone loves love letters.  Mental_floss has A Brief History of Great Love Letters, in case you’re in the mood to write (or read…) one.


Serious Beer Pairings: Chocolate and Beer for Valentine’s Day (via Serious Eats)

Pink Sparkling wines (Slashfood)


Heart Shaped Food for Valentine’s Day (Mental_floss) and just what I always wanted, Papa John’s has heart shaped pizza! (Slice)

One of the things that can suck about Valentine’s Day is not having a significant other.  Fear not, A Food Coma has taken care of that with an indulgent Valentine’s Day menu for one.

Change.org has some ideas for a Sustainable and Sensual: A Valentine’s Day Menu

Both the NY Times and The Daily Beast have pieces on aphrodisiac foods.  I’ll leave it at that.

Candy (clearly, the best part of Valentine’s Day):

5 recipes for homemade chocolate candies (that’d be good for any time of year!)

Why We Give Candy on Valentine’s Day.  Um, because it’s delicious?

Top 10 Dark Chocolates for Valentine’s Day from Huffington Post.

Though I won’t have time before V-Day, I think I may need to test out this recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Strawberries from Slashfood.

Apparently you can use Red Hots as a spice.  Go figure (I may not be trying that one…).

Over at No Meat Athlete, Christine has posted a recipe for making your own vegan box of chocolates (as well as one for Vegan Merlot-Berry Sorbet)–I’m not even vegan and they sound amazing.

I know that’s a lot of links for the week, but there was too much good stuff out there!  Stay tuned for a post about how Brian and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.

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