Highlights: Cocktails

Brian and I aren’t big drinkers.  Moreover, alcohol is expensive and gone are the days when I could order a $9 margarita without feeling badly about it.  I’m usually a white wine person myself, but I think mixed drinks are really  cool.  For a reason I can’t quite determine, the blogging community seemed mighty interested in adult beverages this past week…and with the rapid approach of summer, so am I.

The Atlantics’s A Slow Drink Manifesto discusses the value of a carefully made cocktail.  I’d certainly rather have a slow drink than a bad drink.

What are the 25 most influential cocktails of the past century? Serious Eats asks the question, but I guess I’d have to find a copy of Imbibe magazine to find out the real answer.  I don’t think I could even name 25 cocktails…I always order the same things over and over.

Alcohol-infused whipped cream. What will they think of next?

This is the perfect job for someone…a market in London is hiring a beer taster.  Probably not the job for me, since I still think most beer tastes gross.  And I’m not willing to move to London.

If the above articles have you feeling thirsty, check out Food and Wine’s Ultimate Cocktail Guide or try out The Kitchn’s Icy-Cool Green Tea Mojito (and then let me know how it was!)

Anyone have a favorite cocktail recipe they want to share?

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