Highlights: Kitchen Accessories

Our kitchen drawer--points to whoever can name everything in it.

Brian and I have a fairly well stocked kitchen, made up of hand-me-downs, wedding presents, things we bought for ourselves and items I’ve picked up at Goodwill and tag sales (my new obsessions).  Nevertheless, I’ll never say no to going into a kitchen store (or the kitchen department of a store) because I think that kitchen gadgets are really really cool.  Maybe I need to get out more?  I don’t know.  At any rate, some websites for people who love kitchen tools as much as I do:

Last year in honor of Christmas, I wrote a post featuring My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets.  If I had to redo the post today, I’d probably also include the cocktail shaker (from Goodwill…and not just for cocktails!), blender, Kitchenaid Mixer (how did the mixer not make it on the first list?!), and pastry mat.

Everyday Minimalist did a similar post this week, listing her 15 essential kitchen utensils.  I agree with most of her list, but could easily do without 7, 9 or 15.

The Kitchn (I know, I link to them a lot, they’re awesome) did 2 kitchen tool round ups this week: spatulas and corn cob holders.  We always had corn cob holders growing up, but Brian and I haven’t gotten around to getting any.  We do, however, have 4 ears of corn in the fridge, so perhaps I should think about this further.

This post was made for me (and my husband): 10 Nerdy Kitchen Finds In Honor Of Comic Con

Chow had a post about the website Pop Deluxe, which “houses one of the larger collections of useless kitchen tools we’ve ever seen.”  I, of course, went to the website and found the gadgets adorable.  Granted, I probably won’t actually buy any of them, but they’re fun to look at and could make an entertaining gift.

$5 Dinners asks “What kitchen utensil could you not live without, if you were stuck on a tropical island?”.  A lot of people went for knives, which made sense, but perhaps a hot pot for my tea?

Take a look at this Serious Eats post featuring The Best Mixing Bowls, which also mentions the idea that it’s safe to put metal in the microwave.  Did anyone else know that?  I’m not sure I believe it.

The TofuXpress review on Eat Well with Janel made me wonder if I’ve been doing tofu “wrong”, since I’ve never pressed mine at all.  May need to look into that.  Anyway, apparently the press is pretty awesome, if you press your tofu.

What’s your favorite (most fun/useful/unique, etc) kitchen tool?


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      Thank you so much–for the site visit and the link! I think I will try something different next time I do tofu. I’ll let you know.

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