Highlights: Halloween

Sometimes it’s Sunday evening before I get around to thinking about the Highlights.  Sometimes, the topic is a bit of a stretch and I’m lucky if I come up with a handful of great links.

Some topics are simple though; when there’s a holiday approaching, I start saving links as soon as they appear in my Reader.  (I’ve already started collecting for Thanksgiving!)  The result is lots and lots of Halloween links.  So many, I’m leaving out much of the commentary this week and offering you the links by subtopic:


Foodie Halloween Costumes from Endless Simmer…not to be confused with the Top 10 Worst Halloween Food Costumes

Like food celebrities?  Check out Chow’s Food Celebrity Halloween Costumes (Michael Pollan or Alice Waters, anyone?)

Serious Eats is dressing up their French bulldog, Dumpling, in 12 different food-related costumes.  Pretty stinkin’ cute.

Not really a costume, but if you need a garlic necklace made out of silver (to keep vampires away?), check this out.


Tasty Kitchen posted a bunch of the site’s prettiest looking Halloween recipes (I’m sure they taste good, too).

YumUniverse’s Halloween recipe round up

Homemade Candy Corn (Serious Eats)

Halloween Cupcakes (Slashfood)

Need creepy looking Halloween food?  Ohdeedoh can help.

Buffalo Wings-Of Death (Endless Simmer)

Kitchen Daily’s Halloween Cookies

Bake a caterpillar for Halloween! (Serious Eats)

Planning a grown-up Halloween party?  10 Halloween Cocktails from Endless Simmer and ideas for pairing wine with candy on Slashfood

Jack O’Lantern Jello Jigglers from Serious Eats

Martha Stewart’s recipe for bones made out of marshmallows – apparently they’re not hard to make. (on The Kitchn)

Need some eyeballs for your Halloween treats? (Really, who doesn’t?)  The Kitchn has 5 recipes to choose from!

Halloween candy inspired recipes on Salon


From Mental Floss: 8 Controversial Candies and Dietribes: Halloween Candy

NY Times: Is Candy Evil or Just Misunderstood?

Q & A with the “Candy Professor”

Serious Eats: The Best and Worst Halloween Candy

So Good: The Best Selling Candy

Chow: A Best-to-Worst hierarchy of candy.  See also Boingboing’s Candy Hierarchy.

The Atlantic: How Candy and Halloween Became Best Friends

YumSugar has a slide show of the best selling candy around the world.

Is their poison in your Pixy Stix? (Answer: Highly unlikely.  Side note: I haven’t had Pixy Stix in forever.  I think I’m okay with that.)

Green Halloween

HuffPo: 10 Tips for a Green Halloween

Slashfood: Organic Halloween Candy

What’s Scary than Halloween? Blood Chocolate (Change.org)

Recycled candy wrapper art (mental_floss)

(Almost) every weekend, I choose a theme and highlight blog posts, websites and news articles from my Google Reader which I found interesting (and hope you do too!) If you want more reading, check out “What I’m Reading” on my sidebar.  And don’t forget to add Relishments to your reader or like Relishments on Facebook!

Happy Halloween!


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