Join Me in the PIPES Challenge!

Morgan has done it again.

Remember my week long vegan experiment last month?   Morgan enjoyed the challenge so much that she’s issued another one. Instead of giving something up this time around, I’m taking something on.

The goal of the challenge is to improve arm fitness. Perfect.  My new year’s resolution to routinely do situps and pushups isn’t happening. At all. Could there be a more perfect challenge for me right now, with tank top season just around the corner? I think not.

I’m going to follow Morgan’s lead and attempt the 100 Push Up Program. If my initial test is any indication, its going to be some seriously hard work. Luckily, Brian has opted to join in on my pain by taking on the 200 sit up challenge, so I won’t be alone in my pain.  My actual goal is just to be able to do more at the end of the challenge than I can now, but if I make it to 100 that’ll be awesome too!

Want to join in?
The challenge officially starts next Monday, March 21st and runs for 6 weeks.
You can take on any kind of arm-related fitness goal you want!  Check out Life After Bagels for all the details.

I’m a little scared…but really excited!



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