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This week’s highlights are partially inspired by Rachel’s recent post about how wonderful eggs are.  Though Brian and I don’t get 2 and ½ dozen eggs every time we go grocery shopping, we do consume a decent number of eggs around these parts. Eggs are so delicious, a great source of protein and so versatile.  So, when I looked over my reader, I wasn’t surprised to discover that there were a lot of posts related to eggs:

Offbeat Home has a piece on raising backyard chickens, a fad which seems to be holding strong.  We don’t have a backyard and I’m not sure we’d have chickens even if we did.  Still, there’s a lot more to it than I realized.

Over on Healthy Tipping Point, Caitlin recently wrote a post about the different labels on eggs and what they mean, from certified organic to natural and everything in between.  An excellent read if you care about where your food is coming from.  Now that we’re back in CSA season, Brian and I are only consuming our farm’s eggs, which makes me even happier to eat them. 

Ruth Reichl called eggs “the single most useful ingredient on the planet” on Eatocracy recently.  She may have a point.

Also on Eatocracy, a recipe for the best scrambled eggs.  I prefer my scrambled eggs really dry, Brian likes his almost runny, so I’m pretty sure there’s no best.  How do you like yours?

Now we can move onto recipes which showcase eggs, because I love a good omelet, quiche or frittata.

Ramp and Bacon Omelette with Asparagus (Closet Cooking)

Ramp Pesto Omelette with Asparagus and Goat Cheese (Closet Cooking)

Denver Omelet (Serious Eats)

Brie and Bacon Quiche (Tasty Kitchen)

Caitlin’s Mom’s Amazing Quiche (Healthy Tipping Point)

Tart of Asparagus and Tarragon (Serious Eats)

Asparagus, Spinach and Ramp Frittata (Lisa’s Foods on the Move)

Deviled Eggs Gone Wild -10 New-School Deviled Egg Recipes (Huffington Post)

Founding Farmers Devilish Eggs (Endless Simmer)

Demoned Eggs (Endless Simmer)

Finally, these recipes are just dying to be served with eggs:

Potatoes and Bacon (Zesty Cook)

Spring Asparagus and Bacon Hash (Serious Eats)

There’s definitely a frittata happening at our house this week…

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Emily! Hope you’re having a great long weekend.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Emily! I live how versatile and filling eggs are.

    Hope you’re having a great long weekend.

  3. I agree eggs are a great food. Leaned how to poach eggs in the microwave recently from my Bon Appetit magazine. They come out perfect and fast. This link will tell you how

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