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There has been a serious lack of watermelon in my life so far this season.  Watermelon isn’t my favorite fruit, but it just isn’t summer without some.  As much as I enjoy making a mess eating it, I hate anything flavored watermelon, like candy.  Watermelon candy does not actually taste like watermelon.  I feel the same way about grape.

I started this post late Saturday (after a fabulous weekend with the ladies of CDNY Eat Drink Blog).  I was so inspired that when I went food shopping Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t help but pick up a small watermelon for Brian and I.  Not sure what I’ll be making with it yet, but I’d like to try out at least one of these ideas.

I’ve noticed that our supermarket seems to have quite a variety of unique melons available this year.  If you want to go beyond the usual, try checking out the Summer Melon Variety Guide from Huffington Post.

In Japan, a watermelon sold at auction for $3743.  I’m usually too cheap to buy a $5 watermelon, so I guess I’m not going to Japan any time soon.

The Boston Globe reviewed a red and green knife designed for watermelon slicing that costs $25. I’ll let you judge whether or not that’s sort of silly.

One of my newer blog finds, The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking, has 3 ways to preserve watermelon.  Apparently you can even dehydrate it, which just refuels my desire for a dehydrator.  If anyone wants to buy me one, I won’t stop you.


Make the most of summer fruit by trying a non-alcoholic blended beverage, such as this watermelon strawberry cooler from The Kitchn or this strawberry-watermelon summer slush from Serious Eats.

Watermelon and ice cream? Why not? Jessica created a delicious looking Fresh Mint and Watermelon Soda Float which only needs 4 ingredients. Also, I love her photos.

4 ingredients too much for you?  I understand, it’s really hot out and I don’t feel like doing much either.  Try Diana’s 2 ingredient watermelon-mint cooler –you’ll never guess what the 2 ingredients are!

It’s only been the past year or so that I’ve started to like drinking beer. Even so, I don’t think I’m ready to try Watermelon Wheat Ale. I just don’t feel like beer and watermelon are flavors that would mesh well. Also, the phrase “old-school watermelon Jolly Ranchers” is used in The Kitchn review, so that’s a no-go for me.


Mark Bittman has come through for me once again.  The NY Times featured his recipe for watermelon and tomato salad, which I may need to actually try.  In another article, he suggests grilling watermelon and making watermelon burgers with cheese.  Someone really needs to make those and let me know how it goes.

I found this recipe for watermelon, arugula, chevre salad on Serious Eats and it sounds pretty tasty to me.  I’m really not happy about how short the growing season of arugula is; I don’t think I got enough of it this year.

Image from Steven Depolo on Flikr


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