Highlights: Back to School

If the kids in your neighborhood haven’t gone back to school already, they probably are this week.  Here I am, about to start my 27th year of life and I haven’t been off the academic calendar since I was 3.  I love September.  I love the change in weather, I love the return of fall foods, but more than that I love the return of school (and back to school shopping, of course)

So, to get us all into the “back to school” spirit, some links:

Mental_floss has the answer to the age old question of every college student: why are textbooks so expensive?

Also from mental_floss, 22 Fascinating and Bizarre Classes Offered This Semester, which include “Invented Languages: Klingon and Beyond”, “Biology of Jurassic Park” and “Theory and History of Video Games’”.  My college never offered anything that cool.

As you know, Evernote is one of my favorite websites/programs/Android apps.  Though I use it primarily for saving recipes, Evernote is also handy for improving your grades and organizing your classroom.

Want to add some geekiness to your school supplies?  Check out these 15 Classroom Accessories for Geeks on Mashable.


My well-used and well-loved lunch containers

As a person who routinely pulls 3 or more reusable containers out of my lunch bag on any given day, I’m really happy that schools are pushing for waste-free lunches. (via So Good)

Over on Fed Up With Lunch, which usually focuses on school lunches, Mrs. Q did a survey to find out what her readers usually do for lunch.  Definitely interesting.

These tips for packing affordable school lunches could certainly be used for lunches that aren’t going to school. (via Food, Your Way)

Lastly, over on Chow, James Norton tested a whole bunch of foods being marketed to kids for back-to-school. “Squeezable marshmallow fluff”? No, thanks.

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