Highlights: T-Day Trivia

Last week’s highlights were intended to help you plan and execute a perfect Thanksgiving day meal.  I’m hoping that by this point in time you have all your plans for Thursday figured out.  I’m really excited about Thanksgiving though, so I couldn’t resist writing another highlights post on the topic.  Impress the others at your Thanksgiving feast with some of the interesting facts from these stories.


Where did the phrases “selling like hot cakes” and “talking turkey” come from?  So Good has the answers for those phrases and more.

Apparently only 20% of people regularly use thermometers to make sure their meat is safe, according to NPR.  Is your family one of them?  I always use one, but I rarely cook meat so I’m extra paranoid.

The Huffington Posts reports that the price of a Thanksgiving meal has increased 13% this year.  Another reason to be glad that I’m not hosting.

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with my family.  Ever wonder how they choose what balloons to include? (via mental_floss)

Want to start a friendly debate at the table?  Bring up these pieces of news: ketchup and pizza are now both vegetables, as reported by Food Politics.

Of course, if your Thanksgiving doesn’t need any extra drama, you could just watch the chaos and play the Food Republic Thanksgiving Drinking Game

Enjoy your holiday!

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