Highlights: Homemade Gift Ideas

Last week’s highlights contained links to a number of gift guides. Since then even more have appeared in my Reader and, even though I really need to stop spending money, I’ve really enjoyed reading them.  There are some really neat ideas out there!  But the ideas that are even more interesting to me are all the suggestions for homemade gifts that I’ve seen over the past couple weeks.  Last year Heather did a completely handmade Christmas and ever since then it’s sort of been in the back of my mind as something I’d like to do.  I bought most of my presents this year, but I do plan on making something for some of my coworkers.  These posts have certainly given me a lot of ideas to work with:

I say this every year, but I think this Christmas is going to be the year that I finally make chocolate bark of some kind.  Luckily Halley has 3 different versions for me to try out.

The Kitchn  put together their top 10 treats for sharing and gifting, including nuts, marshmallows, candy and granola.  Perfect for present or parties.

I would file this gift under under “semi-homemade,” but Life Your Way has some neat ideas for themed gift baskets.

I like all of the ideas on Apartment Therapy’s list of homemade gifts and some of them aren’t even edible!  I confess: I’m probably going to try out that chai recipe for myself in the not too distant future (though I did just purchase/receive several boxes).

Keeper of the Home has a similar list that includes sugar scrub, lip balm and linen spray (via Life Your Way).

If you didn’t like any of the ideas above, check out Chow’s DIY Holiday Gifts Advent Calendar.   They’re unveiling a new idea everyday; so far the ideas include amaretto, preserved lemons and canned cocktail onions and there are 21 more ideas still to come!

More into crafting than cooking?  Check out Heather’s list of her favorite crafting blogs. I’ll be honest: I haven’t clicked on all the links yet because I’m scared to find a ton of projects I want to try!

Have the gift ideas but need to add some finishing touches?  Try Diana’s cute and easy mason jar decoration tutorial or Courtney’s tips for festive cookie packaging.


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