Highlights: Pinterest Links and Foodies to Follow

So, Pinterest is now officially everywhere.  Somehow I’ve done a pretty good job of not becoming totally addicted, but I can understand why that happens.  That “show more pins” button at the bottom of the page is just too tempting not to click.  Lately I’ve felt like I’ve spent as much time reading posts about Pinterest as I have on the actual site.  So, enjoy!


Mashable has a whole section dedicated to all it’s Pinterest posts.  My favorites have included their Pinterest Beginner’s Guide, the Top Brands on Pinterest (several of which I’m now following) and this study which showed that Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Evan was one of the first people to pick up on the Pinterest trend and Healthy Living Blogs picked up his post.

A lot of bloggers pin their own content.  While that’s perfectly legal, Katy Widrick wrote a really interesting post about why she doesn’t pin her own stuff.    I think I agree with her and, at least for the time being, any pins of Relishments’ content are going to have to be put up by readers.

There’s a ton of food pins on Pinterest, so the Kitchn figured out what we like to eat, based on pins.  Did you know edible rainbows are a Pinterest food group?

Janetha created one of the most comprehensive guides to getting started on Pinterest that I’ve ever seen.

Want to use Pinterest to market your business?  Bit Rebels has some suggestions.

Foodies to Follow on Pinterest:

If I didn’t include a link to your Pinterest boards, please share it in the comments below.  And of course, you can follow me!


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