Quiche Lorraine with Mushrooms (Or, Using Up Eggs)

I’m not one of those people who is obsessed with couponing and saving ridiculous amounts of money at the supermarket.  As much as I like being thrifty, I also like buying food that I feel good about eating.  However, I am a bit of a sucker for buy one, get one free deals.  Last week eggs were buy 1, get 2 free!  It seemed the perfect opportunity to do a cooking activity with one of my classes, so I seized it.

This purchase is especially interesting in light of the fact that eggs are part of our CSA share.  As a result, I very very seldom ever buy eggs at the grocery store.  So when I arrived home from the store last weekend I found myself in possession of the 3 dozen eggs I’d just purchased, plus 8 we had from our last CSA pick up.  That’s a lot of eggs.

I did cook with my class; that used 1 dozen eggs.  What else to do with eggs?  Make a quiche, of course!

quiche lorraine

Even though I had a bunch of quiche recipes in Evernote, I decided I wanted to make Quiche Lorraine.  Through the power of Google, I discovered this basic recipe from Betty Crocker.   I only used 4 slices of bacon and added 4 diced button mushrooms instead.  Somehow my measurements were still a bit off and I ended up with more filling than could fit in the quiche, but I baked it separately and everything worked out.  One of my favorite things about this recipe is that it calls for shortening in the crust instead of butter, which makes it much easier to blend all of the crust ingredients together.

quiche lorraine 2

The resulting quiche came out surprisingly well.  I did cook it for about 15 minutes longer than the recipe suggested, which seems to be a common theme in the comments.  It tasted really excellent, lasted us 3 meals and came out of the pan astoundingly well.  This quiche recipe is definitely going to go into the regular rotation.

Of course, the quiche only uses 4 eggs.  I boiled 6 today, but there’s still 18 eggs hanging out in our fridge.  Suggestions?


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    I have a few too many eggs right now too. I just assume we are out of eggs (because when I needed them I didn’t have enough) so I just buy some more at the store. We have probably 2 dozen in the refrigerator with no use for them. So I figured I’d make chocolate chip cookies… then maybe have people over and feed them deviled eggs? That quiche looks amazing though- maybe tomorrow’s dinner! (I have been buying a little too much butter lately too!)

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      Frittata is one of my go-to meal solutions. It’s so easy to make and change up the ingredients in. There’s probably one in our near future!

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