Highlights: Running Season

May is just around the corner and I’m so ready to start running regularly again.  After a successful first season last year, I’m really looking forward to building my speed and endurance.  Of course, the weather’s been a bit cooler than I’d prefer which has limited the amount of mileage I’ve put in so far but hopefully that will change soon.  I also haven’t been able to locate any semi-local 5k races that I’m interested in.  Having a race to look forward to definitely motivates me to run more.


Despite all that, other people are definitely running already (or at least talking about it):

Morgan just committed to running her first 5k ever.  I’m really excited for her (and hope she loves it as much as I do).

3 Steps to Planning the Perfect Running Getaway to Re-energize Your Training is more directed at distance runners, but I really like the ideas presented in this No Meat Athlete post.  I find that I run better and farther in unfamiliar territories and this is a good reminder to try new places.

NMA also has a great guide about the Boston Marathon and how to qualify.  I’m quite happy with 5k races, but for those of you who like longer distances, Matt definitely knows what he’s talking about.

Running is much more enjoyable with the right shoes.  Liz shared some of this season’s brightest footwear options on Little Bitty Bakes.

Rachel has some great ideas about what makes a great workout, running and otherwise.  I’m going to work on keeping these ideas in mind on my runs and at the gym so that maybe I look forward to exercising more.

Everyone needs running motivation.  Caitlyn recently encouraged the Girls on the Run group she coaches by rewarding them with fake moustaches.  The pictures are pretty darn cute.

Last, but certainly not least, I’m pretty excited about this:


(image via THS)

Organized by Heather of Then Heather Said, the practice 5k is open to anyone who feels like running or walking 3.1 miles this upcoming weekend.  Since I don’t have any other races scheduled yet this is the perfect way to start the season.  Feel free to join in! (Also seen on Brownies and Zucchini.)

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