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Well, the night is finally here: tomorrow, it’s back to work.  This week has been really excellent, so I’m not complaining, but I’ve certainly enjoyed all my leisure time.  I feel surprisingly good about what I accomplished and in a good state of mind to go back to school in the morning.


Perhaps because I actually had time to absorb what I was reading, there was a wealth of really helpful information in my Reader this week.  And so, I present to you, “The 6 Most Useful Posts I Read This Week”:

Metal, Glass, Ceramic, or Silicone Pans: When To Use Each – The Kitchn – It’s no surprise to me that certain pans are better for some applications than others, but I’ve never really considered it when choosing.  This post makes it so incredibly simple.  If only I could find my metal loaf pan…

How The Letter “F” Can Make You A Better Blogger – Daily Blog Tips – This post has good reminders about how to make posts reader friendly because “most blog readers are riddled with ADD… so your content has to be structured to accommodate.” (Guilty as charged!)

You Can Afford Better Food: 10+ Ways to Get More Out of Your Grocery Budget – Offbeat Home – This post is pretty much the gospel I’ve been preaching regularly to anyone who will listen, but explained in a much clearer and kinder way. 

A Ban on Some Seafood Has Fisherman Fuming – NY Times –  Whole Foods has recently decided to stop carrying non-sustainable fish, which I initially saw as an excellent development.  This article about the effects of that decision on New England fisherman definitely made me think, especially as someone who went to high school in a fishing community.

Guest Post Do’s and Don’ts – Katy Widrick –My 101 in 1001 progress will certainly be aided by these reminders as I try to conquer #89.  Sometimes I just don’t know where to begin, but Katy’s post ought to help.

Where There’s a Will – Rachel Wilkerson – Will writing isn’t something I’ve ever given serious thought to, but Rachel makes it sound fairly simple and reminds me that it’s incredibly important no matter what age or relationship stage you’re in.  I’ve officially added it to my to do list.

image source: wikimedia commons

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