My Most Recent Mini-Vacation

Tuesday morning Brian and I arrived home from a little mini-vacation to the Boston area.  The primary purpose of the weekend was to  help my sister find a wedding gown, but also included some time in the area near our college and a day in Boston.  Dress shopping was a total success, followed by getting lost on roads I used to be familiar with, meeting my sister’s future in-laws and all of us, including my parents, going out to dinner.  A good time was had by all.

We ventured into the city on Sunday morning based on the upcoming weather, sporting event schedules and the availability of my sister and her fiancé’s prepaid, unlimited use MBTA passes.  With a Red Sox game scheduled for 2 pm and the marathon the next day, Sunday seemed to be the best option.  We arrived in the city an hour before the opening of our primary target, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, so we took a stroll up to Fenway to take in the pregame excitement that was just starting to build.  I really don’t care about baseball, but I love the passion of Red Sox fans and watching all the people in Boston themed t-shirts heading to the game kind of made my day.

After enjoying the museum, dreaming of how I could have a courtyard like Isabella’s for myself some day,  and pondering why we’d never managed to get to that museum before, we ventured to The Atlantic Fish Co for lunch.  Maybe it’s just been a while, but I swear this was some of the best seafood I’ve ever had.  The restaurant also had a great atmosphere, lovely staff and, because we were willing to sit indoors, no wait for a table.  Just thinking about it makes me what to head back to Boston so I can have more.

grilled swordfish

Mine: Grilled swordfish with asparagus and smashed potatoes

blackened sole

Brian’s: Blackened sole with broccoli and rice pilaf
While digesting our lunch, we wandered down the road to check out the finish line for the Boston Marathon.  Though the idea of running that far completely boggles my mind, it was really neat to see future contestants checking it out, taking photos and getting excited.  I don’t envy any of them for enduring Monday’s conditions, but I’m really glad there were no major injuries.

marathon finish line

Monday was spent revisiting our college years.  We arrived at campus just as students were heading to class and spent a couple hours wandering around, reminiscing about the foolish things we did (like staying up until 3 am or getting lost in the woods).  We also made it to several of our favorite local eateries including Not Your Average Joe’s, Nick’s Famous Roast Beef and Captain Dusty’s Ice Cream.  It wasn’t quite the same without our college friends, but the food was still tasty.

Atlantic Fish Co. on Urbanspoon

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