Highlights: Thanks, I’ll Pass

Generally speaking, the function of my weekly Highlights posts are to share with you, my awesome readers, some of the interesting and useful things I read on the internet during the previous couple weeks.  This week is going to be a little different: this week’s links are things I don’t think are necessary at all.  Some of them are ridiculous for monetary reasons, but others are just plain silly.  The internet is a strange place.

There are a lot of American snack foods I don’t find appealing (sorry Doritos), but apparently other countries have some really interesting flavors available.  How about mango-and-orange Oreos in China? (Fun fact: I don’t like Oreos either.  I’m weird)  Lemon-pepper Tang in Saudi Arabia?  Check out this Huffington Post article for more international variations of your favorite foods.

Similarly, I don’t think there is a need for this bubble gum flavored vodka I read about on Bit Rebels.

CNN’s Eatocracy had the Cinco de Mayo scoop on specialty margaritas, in case you need one that costs $100 or contains 45 ounces of liquid.

Can someone please explain to me the need for a spray that makes you feel drunk for a few seconds?  (via Food Beast)


Image via ThinkGeek

Also seen on Food Beast, a chocolate scented t-shirt.  The design is cute, but I think I’d feel kind of strange (and hungry!) if I smelled like chocolate. 

Apparently the cookbook Modernist Cuisine has been quite a hit, which impresses me because it costs £400, which is much much higher than my cookbook buying budget. (via Huffington Post)

I agree with this quote from NPR’s article on “Smart Fridges”: "No one wants the obligation of keeping their fridge informed unless they’re seriously short on inter-personal relationships” – Susie Steiner.  And yet, companies are still creating refrigerators that can track your groceries with over $3000 price tags.

Lastly, according to Zagat there’s going to be a new dating website arriving on the scene soon, CookMyDate, a site that matches up those in the culinary world.  Thank goodness I’m married.


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