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“Intentional” has been bouncing around my head non-stop for the past week and I am completely okay with that.  I’m sure that the time will come when I begin to slump back into my usual habits, but for the moment my life is governed by a desire to make good use of my days.  I’ve been starting my day with She Reads Truth and that’s done a lot to set the mood for the day and help me align my priorities.  I’m also thinking about starting to journal again (which I haven’t done in at least 10 years), which would likely provide additional perspective and mental organization.

Thus far my quest for intentionality has been largely internal, but as I feel more relaxed and focused I’m ready to get into action: hanging out with friends, interacting with my students better, participating in community events, etc.  I realize we’re only a week into 2012, but I’m really excited about this year.

I’ve also been soaking up a lot of what other people have to say on the subject of New Year’s Resolutions and goals:

My mother-in-law emailed me shortly after my last post to tell me about the My One Word book that’s just come out.  There’s an online community you can register for and receive monthly updates from.  There’s something so encouraging about knowing there are other people doing the same thing you are (which is definitely one of my favorite things about the internet).

I love this piece on Darling about being “unruly”: “disrupting our normal routines so that we become fully alive in the present moment”.

Life Your Way is doing a month-long series titled “31 Days to Your Goal”.  So far the posts are pretty useful.

Staying healthy is an important goal all the time.  Apartment Therapy reminds readers to make sure they’re up to date on the tetanus shot .  I would also add: get a flu shot!

No Meat Athlete’s “On Turning Pro” has some great suggestions about growing up and being successful with resolutions. 

Julie, of Savvy Eats, has put together a 2013 Food Bucket List of recipes she wants to develop.  I hope she’s successful, because every recipe I’ve made of her’s has been great and her list of ideas is awesome.

If your goal for 2013 is to be nicer to the planet, Grist has 5 ideas for a cleaner, more sustainable 2013. Or you could buy one of Starbucks new $1 reusable cups.

Simple Mom has a PDF of good questions to help you set some personal goals.  (She also has the tagline “Live Intentionally”, so now I’ve added another blog to my Reader—thanks to Shutterbean for sharing the link!)

I’m trying to be more intentional about my organization, but Laura Vanderkam makes a good point about mismatched mugs as a metaphor for our messed up lives: “I’d be more inclined to think one’s life is a mess if matched mugs rise to the top of the priority list.” A very good reminder about what’s really important.


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