Coffee and Tea in Millerton, NY

Even when we’re intentionally not taking a vacation somewhere, I hate staying home during school breaks.  Since we were running low on tea and felt like enjoying the atmosphere of a small town, Brian and I headed to Millerton, NY on Tuesday.

We’d done lunch at Harney and Son’s a couple times in the past and always enjoyed it, but opted to try somewhere new this time around.  I’d checked out the website before we headed to Millerton and, upon arrival, decided that Irving Farm Coffee House was the perfect place for lunch.


barista sandwich

lox bagel deluxe

The sandwiches we ordered at Irving Farm exceeded my expectations.  Brian ordered the Barista sandwich, which had grilled chicken, cheddar, pesto and tomato (he also had a cappuccino). I had the Bagel Lox Deluxe, featuring cream cheese, tomato, lox, red onions and capers.  We traded half of each sandwich to the other person and I loved them both.  The balance of ingredients was perfect, the pesto was incredibly flavorful and I was thrilled that my bagel was served open-faced and therefore had twice the toppings of a regular sandwich.

After lunch we spent some time wandering around, enjoying antique shops.  I love the look of downtowns and Millerton has some really interesting buildings and storefronts.  Finally, we arrived at our ultimate destination: Harney and Son’s Fine Teas.  We spent some time in the store and the tasting room, debating what we’d most like to take home.

harney and sons store

harney tasting room

harney tea store

It was hard to just choose 3 (seriously, I wanted everything in that store), but the staff are always so knowledgeable and helpful. We told the woman in the tasting room what types of teas we’ve enjoyed before and she made excellent suggestions.  In the end, we settled on 3 teas: Chamomile, SoHo (chocolate and coconut) and Organic Green with Citrus and Ginko.  We’d brought along some tins that we’d finished the tea in and the store refilled them and placed new labels on them.  I’m trying to use up a couple of the other teas we already have open before really cracking into these new ones, but it’s going to be difficult; we already tried out the chamomile last night.  It was, as expected, excellent.harney tins

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