Family Dinner at Halfinger Haus

Last weekend (before this week completely ate any moment of blogging time) my parents and my in-laws came to visit. Their reason for arriving in the Berkshires was two-fold: Brian was participating in the graduation ceremony for his masters degree and none of our parents had seen our house yet.


The weather for graduation day was perfect and the ceremony was lovely.  Brian’s school put a little more emphasis on masters students than some colleges do, which was nice.  All of our parents were thrilled with our new home and my parents did us the honor of being the first guests to enjoy the guest bedroom.  By the end of the weekend, we’d received tons of suggestions and advice, as well as getting our bathroom mirror hung and plants put into pots.

I did some cooking while our families were in town.  I made pizzas on Friday evening when everyone arrived and waffles for Sunday breakfast.  But a celebratory dinner was in order for Saturday night.  I knew almost immediately that I wanted to go to Halfinger Haus in Adams.  Last fall I ate at Halfinger Haus with some of my friends and the food and service was excellent; I’d been looking for an excuse to go back ever since.

I made reservations for the 6 of us, but there were several empty tables available when we arrived at the restaurant around 6:30.  All of us opted to order from the Austrian Specialties page in the menu.  (Please pardon the smartphone photos)


My Ungarisches Gulasch with Nockerln
 (Hungarian Goulash- slowly simmered pork and beef in a mild paprika broth, Austrian dumplings served with a warm bread)
Halfinger House Pork Shank

Brian’s Schweinshaxe mit Apfel Sauerkraut und Knödel
(Slow roasted pork shank with Haus apple sauerkraut & dumpling)
Halfinger House Wiener Schnitzel

Mom’s Wiener Schnitzel
(Thin, hand-pounded breaded veal with fresh lemon, served with Haus-made spaetzle, Haus red cabbage and seasonal vegetables)

Each meal was served with warm rolls and salads which came along with small portions of cucumber salad and potato salad.  And while I can’t remember the other people’s dishes that I didn’t photograph, everyone ate every bite on their plates.  Except for me, because that Gulasch is incredibly filling.  Accidently leaving my leftovers at the restaurant when we left seriously upset me.

Though the cost of entrees at Halfinger Haus is a little more than I’d spend for a random night out, the food is wonderful.  Our waitress, who had no trouble pronouncing the daunting dishes on the menu, was helpful and incredibly pleasant.  I highly recommend this restaurant for a change of pace or a special occasion.   I’ve already picked out my meal for next time (Käsespätzle).

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  1. Carol Pious says

    I agree that our dinner was delicious. So enjoyed being with you to celebrate so many blessings!

  2. Duane Brunell says

    mmmm…..mmmmm….mmmm. Falls under the category of you get what you pay for. Liked the ambiance, nicely paced service, well prepared food. I differentiate ‘eating out’ from a ‘dining experience’. This was a dining experience. I had the chicken version of the schnitzel.

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